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Boris and the Mugwump

Yesterday, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson had his moment in the spotlight for being an ever-so-clever little wordsmith when, taking a phrase straight out of the Eton playground, he described Jeremy Corbyn as a mutton-headed old mugwump. A few things here 
1: Nobody talks like that so be sure that this man isn't anything like you, me or the man in the street
2. Fool, clown or idiot would not have garnered such headlines so we can safely assume that this was an orchestrated plan. Who's managing their campaign? 
3. It indicates quite clearly that the Tories have found a role for Boris in the upcoming campaign. Mud slinger and immoral spoilt boy who has no qualms about distracting the electorate from the fact that his boss, Theresa DicMayTor, and his party have no idea what to do right now. If ever I saw an obvious diversion tactic, this is it.
Aside from being pathetic, childish, attention seeking, immature and any number of adolescent adjectives, it also shows that BJ has no…

Unwanted Woman Visits Wales To Tell Lies

Theresa May made a whistle stop tour of Wales yesterday. To be precise, she visited two locations, both of which, by coincidence, she and her team of lying blaggards have their beady eye on. She came to 'the Principality' (aka, an English sub-region) to tell us all how much she appreciates us. Aw, gee........thanks. <3

Whether or not she appreciates those of us who don't actually live in a Tory target seat, I've no idea (yes I do) but I strongly suspect that, given her reluctance to engage in any kind of meaningful Q&A, in truth she was just here to garner attention and pick up a few votes. In all honesty, she doesn't actually care at all apart from when she's walking by Dolgellau and when she wants us to put a X in a box. We shouldn't be deceived.

And the people she addressed. Who were they? A few party faithful wheeled out like obedient doggies, waving flags to order and nodding in all the right places for camera, a few imported in busses from Mai…


I wrote this post back in September 20116. It was my first attempt to ever write anything by blog and proved to be very popular. Uploading it onto here today because we are switching to a new format.
Lucy Inglis….. …..yesterday caused a Twitter stir when she decided that she might shake off some of her maudlin mid-life dissatisfaction by blaming Wales, our people and our language for the cause of her misery. Rather than sit quietly in a darkened room, contemplate her sorry lot and make change, she opted to blame 3,000,000 people hundreds of miles away for what one can only describe as the anti-climactic hole that is her life. (For those of you who don’t know who Lucy Inglis is, she’s an author, historian, eduation specialist and a mainstream media contributor. Google her. I did and I discovered that she likes to portray herself as an open minded, tolerant, left wing kind of people person. My mind boggled!) The crux of her feeble argument centres around the fact that as a child she vi…


So there’s an unexpected election coming up on June 8th. Despite her assurances and promises that she had no intention of going against the Fixed Term Parliament Act of 2011, Theresa May just couldn’t stay true to her word. You know what they say about a person’s word being their bond and all….well we all now know that her word is worth pretty much nothing, really, and as such, any future promise that she makes should be taken with a more than hefty pinch of salt. Much as she did when she backtracked on her commitment that the UK is better off within the EU and then proceeded to pursue the most damaging of Brexits, she has shown that she is a person of little integrity, minimal substance and is, to my mind, a controlling and confused coward who is willing to put party above principle at every last turn. Worse, she has stood up in Westminster and said that she supports every last one of the 30 Tory MPs who are being investigated for electoral fraud. Well she would, I suppose – it’s ou…

Changing host

Due to the fact that more than one person is now going to be writing for this blog, we have decided to use Blogger instead of Wordpress. There are many reasons for this, least of which is our ineptitude with computers.

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The host changes but our dedication to Wales remains. If you also want to write something, please get in touch. The more bloggers, the better. The more readers, the better. The more coverage of Welsh affairs, the better - and there's no time better than now when our futures hang in the balance.

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