Boris and the Mugwump

Yesterday, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson had his moment in the spotlight for being an ever-so-clever little wordsmith when, taking a phrase straight out of the Eton playground, he described Jeremy Corbyn as a mutton-headed old mugwump. A few things here 

1: Nobody talks like that so be sure that this man isn't anything like you, me or the man in the street

2. Fool, clown or idiot would not have garnered such headlines so we can safely assume that this was an orchestrated plan. Who's managing their campaign? 

3. It indicates quite clearly that the Tories have found a role for Boris in the upcoming campaign. Mud slinger and immoral spoilt boy who has no qualms about distracting the electorate from the fact that his boss, Theresa DicMayTor, and his party have no idea what to do right now. If ever I saw an obvious diversion tactic, this is it.

Aside from being pathetic, childish, attention seeking, immature and any number of adolescent adjectives, it also shows that BJ has no compunction about being viewed as a person who takes delight in intimidating others. Thinking about this took me back to that infamous audio tape of the conversation between himself and fellow Old Etonian, multi-millionaire fraudster and self confessed psychopath, Darius Guppy where he was involved in a scheme to arrange for a journalist to be physically assaulted. 

Most people would recoiled from such involvement, but not Boris. 

He may try to hide his nastiness behind a foppish hairstyle and clumsy demeanour, the chubby clownlike Hugh Grant of Westminster, but behind that facade lies a man who has no moral code nor conscience, who is a dog-whistling racist, and a thug.
That Theresa May promoted him to a position of prominence as Foreign Secretary and now wheels him out to attack Jeremy Corbyn does nothing but reinforce the suggestion that the Conservative are opportunistic, sleazy and squalid. 

The media have overindulged on this nonsense, as was predictable, and this is a lucky thing because for as long as the people are discussing 'mugwumps', they're not talking about the fact that Boris de Pfeffel admitted just today that if the US asked (and without the consent of parliament) the UK would find it difficult to turn down a request to attack Syria. With parliament not sitting for the next few weeks, and with the Boris/May machine in full flow and begging pitifully for a strengthened hand, anything could potentially happen if the orange psycho from across the pond asked his special friends to indulge him.
But hey, ignore that - being impressed by Bo-Jo's vocabulary is much more gratifying. Right?

I think about this, the sleaziness, the trickery and the dirty dirty games and they disgust me. Then I compare it with the closer to home politics from Plaid Cymru.
Leanne Wood and Plaid are within touching distance. Plaid don't talk in long and fancy words which could have fallen straight out of the mouths of well, anybody from Roald Dahl to Nicholas Soames, apparently, and they don't need to. They speak like me and that's all I need.

Being governed by out of touch elitists, thugs like Boris or by somebody for whom "honesty" is a dirty word is not for me. Also not for me the idea of having my life dictated by people whose closest contact to people like myself is when they are arranging to beat ten shades of shit out of me and concealing the crime.

I don't want a showoff representing me and I don't want a liar; I want somebody who quietly gets on with doing their best for Wales. Boris Johnson doesn't do that and neither does Theresa May. besides, if he calls people like Jeremy Corbyn a 'mugwump', what the hell does he call us?

They are not like us. Plaid Cymru are though.You may not always agree with their political message but nobody can deny their accessibility and their good intent. I like that, and I like that, if I have a particular concern, I can approach them and ask them for clarification. I can do this by many means and they invariably answer.
Try getting Boris Johnson to answer you. Or Theresa May Clue: they won't. Heck, try getting your local Tory MP to answer you, they still won't. I know because I've tried.

I want accountability, please. I want a Welsh party in an independent Wales a thousand miles removed from bullying idiots like Johnson, a million miles away from his brand of toxicity, a trillion miles away from everything the Tories represent. For as long as Wales is a part of the UK, we are always going to be controlled by people like Boris de Pfeffel Johnson. Ugh, no thanks!


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